To relieve the tension of carrying cash while being able to purchase instantly, Carpenters Finance is encouraging customers to grab one of their MoneyLINK Cards. This product is an in-store credit card facility of Carpenters Finance whereby we offer our valuable customers up to 55 days interest free condition and allowing them to enjoy a convenient and affordable shopping at Carpenters Groups outlet Fiji-wide.

Customers qualify to have three distinctive MoneyLINK Card that is Silver, Gold and Platinum based on the criteria set. MoneyLINK Cards are of superior quality, has additional features like PIN number and is very user friendly. The card-holders are offered many benefits including readily available credit, regular notices on promotions, special hours shopping experiences, and most importantly, these Card is one of the safest option for customers and their family members to shop with.

Key Features:
• Readily Available Credit
• Security PIN features
• Up To 55 Days Interest Free
• Supplementary Card For Family Members
• Convenient Shopping Experience


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