Carpenters Fiji is the only retail group in Fiji to offer an in-store credit card since 1979, MoneyLINK which is administered by Carpenters Finance. The cards are platinum, gold and silver for premium and regular customer segments and can be used in all Carpenters Group retail outlets. The cardholders are offered many benefits including frequent exclusive promotions. Carpenters Finance offers on-line credit authorisation and processing of the Money LINK credit card transactions enabling Carpenters Finance to significantly increase their credit card customer base, introduce innovative loyalty programs and also extending the use of the cards to outside retailers.

  • No need to carry cash (buy now and pay later)
  • Readily available credit
  • Wide range of shopping experience
  • Superior customer services
  • Supplementary cards for your family
  • Extended trading hours

For all your insurance needs, get in contact with our friendly customer care team and find out how Carpenter’s Finance can assist you.

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